RWSG has worked diligently over the last three days to mitigate the damages that occurred due to the flooding in our area.  We experienced overflows, bypasses, water breaks and service outages.  We have been distributing water to those affected residents yesterday and today to make sure our customers are safe.  The outage for water is due to a road failure on Winton Chapel that results in a main line break.  Unfortunately, the line cannot be simply repaired since the road is so severely compromised.  This affected customers in the Crystal Cove and Eagle Furnace area.  We have rerouted the water to get service to as many customers as possible although the pressure has been low in some areas.  We are currently working on the installation of a large, temporary pump to increase pressure to all those affected customers and supply water to those with none.  It may take several hours to work this through our system and we would request patience from our customers.  Please monitor our Facebook page for more updates as they occur.

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